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Connecting things, with our dedicated IoT platform

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We design hardware, meet the ResourciBoard

  • Swappable BIOS & APP chips
  • Ultra Low power sleep mode
  • Two Analog inputs, three digital outputs, one digital output
  • Regulated output voltage – 3.3v, 5v
  • Dedicated full voltage passthrough switch
  • Wifi / IoT connectivity
  • Status Led
  • Airtight enclosure
  • Dedicated on/off timer
  • Wake-on-change interrupt
Flexible power sources
  • AAA Alkaline 1.5v
  • AAA LI-ION 1.5v
  • 10440 LI-ION 3.6v Rechargeable
  • 3.3v regulated
  • 5v regulated
  • >4.5v unregulated

A few examples of what this is used for…

Monitor, track, and analyse the environment by way of temperature sensors, light sensors, or buttons/switches.
Post data up at dedicated intervals. This can be a webcam (with the ESP32cam board), or send its GPS coordinates every 5 minutes, or even push up scanned RFID tags or act as a Call-to-action button for customers or staff.
Fetch information from the internet and act upon it, or display it in creative ways – from miniature screens to bespoke giant 16 segment led displays.
Communicate with various devices over serial, TCP, i2c, or custom interfaces such as 1 or 2 wire shifting.
Educational kit in unassembled form to teach soldering, components, and programming – with colour coding to simplify construction
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We know web applications and what makes them tick.

From mobile apps to API’s, Frameworks to virtual machines and microservices – we have built it all.

Javascript, jQuery, Raw
Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Raw
HTML, CSS, Semantic UI, Bootstrap, Skeleton
SQL, Design
React, VueJS
Amazon AWS, Linux, nginx, Apache, SSL, CI/CD

Advertising & Analytics

Our team has years of experience interfacing with leading global companies APIs to create advertising campaigns, and to retrieve and display highly customised Analytics results.

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